Bed Building: Putting It All Together

Bed Building: Putting It All Together

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Photo by Jim Ruen
It’s a closet. It’s a cupboard. No, it’s a Murphy bed!

If the process of getting the bed parts into place was a hassle, it was our fault, not that of the company. While it would have been nice if there had been a big DO NOT OPEN UNLESS IN ROOM TO BE MOUNTED, that is expecting a bit much. What I hoped for most of all was that the hardware and predrilled holes would all match, and they did.

Anyone who has ever put a kit together knows that sinking feeling that comes with staring at a packet of nuts, bolts and screws, just knowing something is missing. This is only exceeded by the trepidations that come with seeing a bolt, nut or screw left over. The best way to dispel these concerns is to spend a few moments with the parts list. While it took me half a lifetime to develop this habit, I (nearly) always lay out and group all parts according to the list before beginning the job.

With the bed, everything needed was present and accounted for with a few extras of key components. That was a good omen for what was to come. In fact, the directions were clear. Each step was well documented, and all the holes were properly aligned.

Assembly was a piece of cake. The bed came together smoothly, and before we knew it, we were lifting it into place to secure to the wall. In fact the only hitch was finding the wall studs to mount it.

Once that was established, a few screws took care of the rest. All we need now is a mattress.

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