Chicken Shaming Exposes Chickens’ Wrongdoings and It’s Awesome

Chicken Shaming Exposes Chickens’ Wrongdoings and It’s Awesome

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By now you’ve probably seen the photos on the Internet shaming dogs and cats. Their owners snap a picture of the furry culprit along with a sign letting the world know what the pet did wrong. Now it’s happening with chickens.

It’s true. Chickens are selfishly not laying eggs. Others are clucking like mad for no apparent reason. All have behaved in a less-than-desirable manner and it’s time to put an end to it by publicly shaming them. Or it’s just a funny way to show you love your chickens even when they annoy you.

We searched the Internet and found some hilarious chickens with their bad behaviors revealed on a sign. Here are a few:

A photo posted by Lisa (@thewildcelticrose) on

If you have a chicken (or chickens) that needs shaming, post a photo online on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #ChickenShaming. Make sure to tag Hobby Farms for us to see it.

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