Hello, Green Tuesday

Hello, Green Tuesday

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This holiday season, not-for-profit organization Green America seeks to initiate a new annual shopping tradition: to make the Tuesday after every Thanksgiving “Green Tuesday.”

To jump-start this eco-conscious holiday, Green America’s will be offering special deals on the week of Green Tuesday, which falls on Nov. 29 this year. offers discounts and deals from green businesses, both local and national, that have been approved by Green America. Similar to Groupon, it features a new deal or discount every 24 to 48 hours.

“Green Deals makes it possible to give great gifts for the holidays while also giving back to the planet,” says Green America Corporate Responsibility Director Todd Larsen. “Many consumers who are turned off by shopping at big-box stores during the holiday season will welcome this opportunity to participate in a way that is in line with their values, and [they’ll] save money at the same time.”

From Nov. 29 to Dec. 6, will provide deals on various products, including jewelry made from recycled nuclear bomb equipment, indoor mushroom garden kits, self-watering systems for indoor or outdoor plants, and more.

Daily contests and credits will also be offered on the Facebook page.

Founded in 1982, Green America (formerly Co-op America) provides the economic strategies, organizing power and practical tools to equip businesses and individuals to solve today’s social and environmental problems.

To learn more about the organization, visit

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